Figure 5: HCA and PCA properties based on the 9 differentially affected miRNAs identified in the APAP low dose urine samples. The Welch�s t-test (p < 0.05) was used to identify the significantly changed (ΔCt value) urinary miRNAs at 24h after a 100 mg/kg APAP low dose. A. The 15 samples (4 from control [green numbers 1 � 4], 4 from APAP low dose [red numbers 5 � 8], and 7 from APAP high dose [red numbers 9 � 15]) can be grouped into 2 major clusters based on the 9 significant miRNAs identified from the APAP low dose group. B. Control group is separated from APAP low dose and high dose groups along the second principal component (38.2 %). Fifteen animals were included in the analysis, and the animal numbers are adjacent to the markers.