α2 Macroglobulin receptor

Proteinase and growth factor regulation; lipoprotein metabolism

IgA α chain

Mucosal immunity

Farnesoid X activated receptor

Cholesterol homeostasis modulation

Interferon regulatory factor 3

Innate immune system’s response to viral infection

Lacritin precursor

Secretion and renewal of lacrimal and ocular surface epithelia

Lactotransferrin (lactoferrin)

Anti-inflammatory and/or anti-microbial function

Lipocalin 1

Physiological scavenger of potentially harmful lipophilic molecules; the maintenance of tear film stability

Lysozyme C precursor

Anti-inflammatory and/or anti-microbial function

Potential phospholipid transporting ATPase IK

Phospholipid transfer

Somatostatin receptor type 4

Inhibition of adenylate cyclase; activation of both arachidonate release and the mitogen activated protein kinase cascade

High affinity IgE receptor β subunit

Binding to the Fc region of the IgE receptor; initiation of the allergic response

TrkC tyrosine kinase

The receptor for neurotrophin-3

Table 1: Analysis of proteins in human meibomian gland secretions [19,57,58].