Percentage of cell death induced by T-oligo in melanoma cells
Cell line Diluent T-oligo C-oligo
MM 2.09±0.19 37.73±2.30 2.11±0.45
MU 4.03±1.02 33.24±0.44 6.70±0.50
PM-WK 2.89±0.10 14.96±0.30 3.45±0.63
MM-RU 4.04±0.37 16.08±1.72 7.80±0.01
MM-MC 2.04±0.26 11.80±0.99 2.15±0.07
RRM-EP 1.25±0.40 1.40±0.26 1.61±0.18
Table 1: Percentage of cell death in melanoma cell lines treated with T-oligo for 72hours. Six different melanoma cell lines were treated with 40μM of T-oligo. The percentage of cell death was evaluated after FACS analysis by determining the sub G0/G1 DNA content after propidium iodide staining. It was found that five out of six melanoma cell lines showed induction of cell death after treatment with T-oligo. RPMEP cells did not exhibit cell death after treatment with T-oligo.