Figure 2: Effect of AICAR, gAd and creatine on palmitate oxidation by L6 myotubes. (A) Effect of AICAR on palmitate oxidation. L6 cells were incubated with 60μM or 120μM palmitic acid in the absence or presence of 1mM AICAR for 3 h. Palmitate oxidation was measured as CO2 evolution as described in “Materials and Methods”. (B) Effect of gAd on palmitate oxidation. For treatment with gAd, a dose of 2.5 μg/ml was added 3 h (as in (25)) after which incubations were conducted for palmitate oxidation. (C) Effect of creatine on palmitate oxidation. L6 cells were preincubated with or without 0.5 mM creatine for 2 days. After 2 h serum free, L6 cells were treated with or without 10 mM creatine in 60 or 120 μM palmitate for 3 h for measurement of fatty acid oxidation. Each bar represents the mean ± S.E.M.. * P < 0.05 v. 60 μM and 120 μM, respectively. PA, palmitic acid; gAd, globular adiponectin; Cr, creatine.