Figure 3: Effect of AICAR, CP-91149, gAd and creatine on glycogen synthesis by L6 myotubes
(A) Effect of AICAR on glycogen synthesis. When present, AICAR was included at 1 mM. Incubations contained 0.5 mM or 5 mM glucose and incubated 2 h, with glycogen synthesis measured as incorporation of D-[U-14C] glucose into glycogen. (B) Effect of CP-91149. CP-91149 (10 μM) was added with or without AICAR, in the presence of 5 mM glucose, and incubations conducted for glycogen synthesis as in Fig. 3A. (C) Effect of gAd on glycogen synthesis. The incubation with gAd was conducted as in Fig. 1B, and measurement of glycogen synthesis conducted as above. (D) Effect of creatine on glycogen synthesis. Creatine pre-treatment was performed as in prior experiments (e.g., Fig. 1F). Glycogen synthesis was evaluated as in Fig. 3A. Each bar represents the mean ± S.E.M. * P < 0.05 v. 0.5 mM Glu and 5 mM Glu, respectively; ** P 0.05 v. CP-91149 alone. Glu, glucose; CP, CP-91149; gAd, globular adiponectin; Cr, creatine.