Figure 4: Effect of AICAR, gAd and creatine on lactate production by L6 myotubes
(A) Effect of AICAR on lactate formation. Cells were incubated as indicated for 4 h and the content of lactate was determined; no lactate was found at zero time (data not shown). (B) Effect of gAd on lactate formation. Cells were incubated with gAd and assayed for lactate formation as above. (C) Effect of creatine on lactate formation by L6 cells. L6 cells were preincubated with or without 0.5 mM creatine for 2 days. After 2 h serum free, L6 cells were treated with or without 10 mM creatine in 0.5 or 5 mM glucose for 4 h, for determination of lactate formation. Each bar represents the mean ± S.E.M.. * P < 0.05 v. 0.5 mM Glu and 5 mM Glu, respectively. Glu, glucose; gAd, globular adiponectin; Cr, creatine.