Figure 11: Role of LKB1 in the action of gAd in L6 myotubes
(A) LKB1 protein expression treated with LKB1 siRNA in L6 myotubes. L6 cells were incubated with or without 100 nM LKB1 siRNA for 3 days and then protein expression was measured by western blot described under “Materials and methods”. ConsiRNA was used as a control; Con: control; ConsiRNA: control siRNA (non-targeting siRNA). (B) Effect of LKB1 siRNA on gAd induced glucose uptake in L6 myotubes. After LKB1 siRNA transfection, L6 cells were incubated with 5 mM glucose with or without 2.5 μg/ml of gAd for 2 hours, and then glucose uptake was measured as described under “Materials and methods”. * p < 0.05 versus control (Con); ** p < 0.01 versus gAd.