Software Description
FiatFlux [26] a software for metabolic flux analysis from labeled mass spectrometric data with flux ratio constraints
Flux-P [24] an automate and standardized workflow of 13C-based metabolic flux analysis in the Bio-jETI workflow framework
iMS2Flux [23] a high–throughput pipline for  isotope labeled mass spectrometric data for metabolic flux analysis
INCA [20] the first publicly available computational platform for  isotopically non-stationary metabolic flux analysis
IsoDesign [22] a software for optimized design of 13C-metabolic flux analysis experiments
OpenFLUX [25] a software for metabolic flux analysis  based on  Elementary Metabolite Unit (EMU) framework
OpenMebius [21] an open source software for isotopically nonstationary  metabolic flux analysis
Table 1: Description of software used.