Figure 1: 600 MHz liquid state 1H NMR spectra of the hydrophilic extracts of lungs excised from the cigarette smoke exposed and the control mice. A: Regular weight sham control (RW-SC), i.e. non-obese and non-smoke. B: Regular weight mainstream smoke (RW-MS), i.e. non-obese smoke exposed. C: Obese sham control (OB-SC). D: Obese mainstream smoke (OB-MS). The peak intensities were normalized to per unit weight of lung tissue before extraction. The dotted regions were vertically expanded 19 (left side part) and 2 (right side part) times, respectively. “Asterisks” indicated unassigned peaks. A total of 41 metabolites were identified with metabolite numbers, i.e. the metabolite keys shown in Table 1.