O2PLS-DA model SS DF MS F p SD
Total corr.1 470 470 1 - - 1
Regression2 159.732 130 1.2287 1.34645 0.01778 1.10847
Residual3 310.268 340 0.91255 - - 0.95528
1, Total corrected: SS of the Y of the training set corrected for the mean. 2, Regression: fraction of total corrected SS accounted for by the PLS or OPLS model, here estimated by CV. 3, Residual: difference between total corrected and regression SS, that is, the fraction of total corrected unaccounted for by the PLS or OPLS model.
Abbreviations: SS: the sum of squares (SS(d)) and (SS(e)), DF: degree of freedom, MS: the corresponding mean squares
Table 1: CV-ANOVA in the 7-fold Cross-Validated Residuals of Y-Variable.