Figure 2: Expression of protein targets in SCC cells upon cisplatin exposure.All SCC cells were exposed to control media (CON, A, and C) or 10 μg/ml cisplatin (CIS, B and D) for 16hours, (A and B). SCC-11 cells versus SCC-11M cells, (C and D). SCC-25 cells versus SCC-25CP cells.Immunoblotting was performed with indicated antibodies. Each blot was first probed with indicated antibodies and after stripping with an antibody to β-actin used as a loading control.Lines between blots indicate the separate gel runs. Blots were scanned and quantified in triplicate. Values normalized by β-actin levels were expressed as a fold change to SCC-11 cells (A and B) or SCC-25 cells (C and D) and defined as 1 (shown above the blots).