Material 4-chloro-4’-hydroxy diphenyl sulfone bisphenol S bisphenol A
PS from Millipore 625.0 354.6 42.9
PS from Saltorius 27.9 62.8 247.0
PS from Nihon Pall 73.2 32.2 207.4
PC from Millipore - - 119.1
The weights of the PS and PC membrane were approximately 20 mg and 7 mg, respectively. As an example, the net weight of 4-chloro-4’-hydroxydiphenyl sulfone determined was approximately 12 μg in the PS membrane from Millipore. The sterilization conditions were the same as in the lower part of Table 1.
Table 3: Amounts (ppm, n=3 average) of 4-chloro-4’-hydroxydiphenyl sulfone, 4,4’-dihydroxydiphenyl sulfone (bisphenol S), and bisphenol A determined in ethanol extracts of PS and PC sterilized with ozone gas.