Detector Analytes Solvent Requirement Comments
UV-vis Any with chromophores UV-grade, non-UV absorbing solvent Has a degree of selectivity and is useful for many HPLC Application
Fluorescence Fluorescent compound UV-grade, non-UV absorbing solvent Highly selective and sensitive. Often used to analyzed derivatized compounds 
Refractive Index (Ri) Compound  with different RI to mobile Phase Cannot run mobile phase gradient Virtually a universal detector but has limited sensitivity
Conductivity Charged or polar compound Mobile phase must be Conducting Excellent for ion Exchange method
Electrochemical Readily oxidized or reduced compounds Especially biological sample Mobile phase must be conducting Very selective & sensitive
Evaporative light Scattering (ELSD) Virtually all compound Must use volatile solvents and volatile buffers A universal detector which is highly sensitive. Not selective  
Mass spectrometer (MS) Broad range of compound Must use volatile solvent & volatile buffers Highly sensitive & powerful 2nd dimension analytical tool
Table 3: Different type of detector & which require suitable solvent for the detection of Analytes