Figure 1: Effects of single administrations of WEA and EEA on mice under regimen of Quick Fat. Mice received a regimen of CE-2, CE-7, or Quick Fat. Then, WEA and EEA were orally administered to the mice under a regimen of Quick Fat at 100, 300, and 1,000 mg/kg according to the schedules shown in Supplemental Table 2B. We collected fresh fecal beads of the mice over 50 mg at 8 h after the first administration of the samples and determined the contents of ammonium and indoles; (A, C): contents of ammonium, (B, D): contents of indoles. Determinations of indoles were executed on the same day as the collection of feces or the next day.
Average scores of each group were shown as square. n = 6, **: p < 0.01 (oneway ANOVA and Tukey’s multiple comparison test).