Treatments mg/kg x2 test vs.
Quick Fat
Fast (2–5 h) Medium (5–8 h) Slow (over 8 h)
CE-7     p = 0.148 3 4 1
Quick Fat     0 7 1
WEA (Quick Fat)   1000   p = 0.022* 5 3 0
EEA (Quick Fat)   1000   p = 0.008** 6 2 0
WEA: water extract of agarwood  
EEA: ethanol extract of agarwood      
Mice received a regimen of CE-7 or Quick Fat for a week. A vehicle (10% gum arabic), WEA, and EEA at 1,000 mg/kg were orally administered to the mice. Carmine (10 mg/body) was orally administered to the mice just before administration of the samples, and then the weights of carmine-containing feces were measured during consecutive 1-h periods over 8 h. Carmine egestion was determined as egestion of carmine-containing fecal beads over 30 mg. The carmine egestion point was classified into three groups; Fast: egested in 25 h, Medium: egested in 58 h, Slow: not egested in 8 h after administration n = 8.
Table 1: Effects of WEA and EEA on carmine egestion in mice.