Figure 2: Effects of thujaplicins on the human SIRT1 promoter activity. (A) The Luc reporter plasmid, pGL4-SIRT1 [6,7], was transfected into HeLa S3 cells as described under Materials and Methods. After 24 h of -thujaplicinσ−, ανδ −,Μ) ανδ transfection, cells were treated with Rsv (10 M), then harvested after a further 24 h incubation. (B) A similar (10 -thujaplicin.M of the experiment was performed as in (A) with 0 to 100 The results show relative Luc activities of the indicated Luc reporter plasmid-transfected cells relative to those of non-treated cells. The values are the mean + SD of four independent assays.