Figure 3: 20 μg, 2 μg of PrPc, respectively, was applied. After nitrogen gas plasma exposure, the residue PrPc was sampled with TIA Buffer and determined with ELISA kit from Funakoshi, Tokyo, Japan.
Nitrogen gas plasma exposure condition: [Low pressure method] (Reactor) Anode-Cathode Gap: 40mm, Vacuum: 43000 Pa, Nitrogen gas flow speed: 6 L/min, Time: 30 min, Temperature: 60°C (Temperature was measured inside of plasma), (Electric Source) Input Power: 84 W, Rep. Freq. 2.5 kHz, Peak Voltage: 19.0 kV.
The smaller the prion inoculation, the more degradation is observed. This indicates clump phenomenon inoculated prion onto carrier materials can be formed.