Level of Structural Characterization Analytical information obtained
Primary Structure  Protein sequence
Nucleic acid sequence
Amino acid composition
Apparent molecular weight
Observed molecular mass
Post-translational modifications
Phosphorylation .
Glycosylation (monosaccharide composition) 
Secondary Structure  Polypeptide chains
Peptide fragments
Disulfide bond linkages
Glycosylation (oligosaccharide structure)
lsoforms (e.g. glycoforms) 
Tertiary Structure  Receptor binding
Epitope recognition
Cell modulator release
Cell differentiation effect
Replication competence
Product + Ligand Conjugate Molar ratios of ligand: product (e.g. PEG, chemical or Ligand binding sites biological moeity)
Table 2: Physicochemical analysis of biomolecular compound.