Nanoparticle Charge Effects on Cell References
Carbon nanoparticles Cationic Forms holes in plasma membrane [62]
Quantum dots Zwitterionic Increases the fluidity of plasma membrane and causes swelling of lysosomes [63-64]
Dendrimers Cationic Forms holes in the plasma membrane [65]
  Neutral Formation of lipid-dendrimer aggregates [66]
Silicon nanoparticles Cationic Permealisation of lysosomes [67]
TiO2 - Inhibits tubulin polymerization [68]
Cerium oxide Cationic Protein aggregation and fibrillation [69]
Aluminium oxide Zwitterionic Disruption of tight junction [70]
Table 1: Nanoparticle and cell interaction with different charged nanoparticles.