API Description (DS), Identification (ID), Loss on Drying (LOD), water content, particle size, bulk density, assay, purity test and microbial test.
Excipients DS, ID, particle size, bulk density, powder fineness and microbial test
Packing materials  
Al foil paper back DS, ID*, Total grammage and width
Al foils plain DS, ID* and width
Al foils printed DS, ID*, width, printing matter and shade
Ampoules DS, dimensions and weight*
Closures Type of closure, dimensions, heat seal and pulp lines
Cold formable foil DS, ID*, width and shade
Laminated Al foil pouch DS, ID*, dimensions and printing
Molecular sieves DS and adsorption capacity
Plastic containers DS and physical parameters
Poly Bag DS and dimensions
Purified cotton/Rayon filter DS, ID, water content
PVC and PVDC DS, ID, width and shade*
PVC Aclar DS, ID*, width, total grammage
Rubber stopper DS, dimensions and absorbance
Silica gel bag DS and weight
Silica gel canister DS, dimension and adsorption capacity
Vials DS, dimensions,  weight*
Carton DS, printing matter and shade
Leaflets DS and printing
Self-adhesive label DS, Text and Color
*If applicable this test can be recommended
Note: Key identification test only required.
Table 1: Mandatory test items for API, excipients and packing materials.