Effect Reference
Increase of food intake (rat, short-term) Matsumoto et al.[30]
Lawrence et al.[38]
Lawrence et al.(2003)[35]
Kuramochi et al. [37]
Decrease of food intake (rat, long-term) Lawrence et al.[38]
Krasnow et al.[41]
Decrease of food intake and body weight (mouse) Hansen et al.[43]
Krasnow et al.[41]
Krasnow et al. (2004)[32]
Kauffman et al. [42]
Man et al.[45]
Increase in heat population Lawrence et al.[38]
Hansen et al.[43]
Man et al.[45]
Increase in oxygen consumption Rich et al.[40]
Enhancement of glucose and lipid metabolism Ito et al.[46]
Table 1: Effect of GALP for energy metabolism.