Trial Treatment administration Main evaluation end-points
Drugs Dose regimen Duration
1 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg/d (creatinine<150mmol/L)
2 months Heart rate variability(HRV), arrhythmia
2 Allopurinol 0.5, 1.0, 1.5ug/min
each for 15 minutes*
45 minutes Left ventricular efficiency, hemodynamic measurements
3 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg/d 1 month Endothelial function,oxidase stress, hemodynamic measurements
4 Allopurinol vs placebo  600ug/min** - Endothelial function, biochemical parameters
5 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg/d ≥7 days Endothelial function,oxidase stress, biochemical parameters
6 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg/d 3 months BNP, exercise capacity, biochemical parameters
7 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg/d 600mg/d 1 month Endothelial function, BNP, biochemical parameters
8 oxypurinolvs glucose  400mg** 15 minutes Left ventricular function, biochemical parameters
9 Allopurinol vsrosuvastatin Allo: 300mg/d Rosu: 10mg/d 1 month Heart remodeling, NT-pro BNP
10 Allopurinol + atorvastatin vs placebo + atorvastatin Allo: 300mg/dAtor: 20mg/d 4 weeks Endothelial function, oxidase stress, heart remodeling, exercise capacity
11 Allopurinol 300mg/d 36 weeks Left myocardial function, biochemical parameters
12 Allopurinol - - Endothelial function, oxidase stress, hemodynamic measurements
13 Allopurinol vsrosuvastatinvs placebo Allo: 300mg/d Rosu: 10 mg/d 1 month Endothelial function, myeloperoxidase(MPO), NT-pro BNP, biochemical parameters
14 Allopurinol 300mg/d(only for the elevated UA) 3 months Left ventricular function, coronary microvascular function
15 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg** - Myocardial energy metabolism, hemodynamic measurements
16 Allopurinol vs prednisone Allo: 300mg/d Pred: 1mg/kg/d 4 weeks NT-proBNP, NYHA functional class, biochemical parameters
17 Allopurinol vs placebo 600mg/d 9 months Left ventricular mass,endothelial function
18 Allopurinol vs placebo 600mg/d 6 weeks BNP,exercise capacity, biochemical parameters
19 Allopurinol vs placebo 300mg/d 4W + 600mg/d 4W 8 weeks Endothelial function, oxidase stress, BNP, biochemical parameters
*Allopurinol was administered directly into the left coronary artery.
**Allopurinolwas administered through intravenous injection- No related information was provided.
BNP: B-type natriuretic peptide; NT-proBNP: N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide
Table 2: Treatment administration and clinical outcomes of the studies.