Parameters Mean SD
Cmax (μg/mL) 28.07 7.52
t1/2α (min) 0.55 0.17
t1/2β (min) 3.33 0.69
t1/2γ (min) 26.57 24.10
V1 (l/kg) 0.083 0.046
CL (L/min/kg) 0.041 0.009
AUC(0-60)(mg·min/L) 115.10 20.49
AUC(0-∞)(mg·min/L) 121.36 25.70
Cmax: the maximum plasma concentration; t1/2α: Half-life of rapid distribution phase; t1/2β: half-life of slow distribution phase; t1/2γ: half-life of elimination phase; V1: apparent volumes of distribution of the central compartments; CL: total body clearance; AUC: area under the plasma concentration vs. time curve.
Table 4: Pharmacokinetic parameters of STS followed after a single intravenous administration of STS at a dose of 6 mg/kg (n = 6).