Figure 1: Omeprazole-treated HPMEC display increased CYP1A1 and NQO1 expression: Human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells (HPMEC) were treated with dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) or omeprazole (OM) at concentrations of 0.5 (OM 0.5), 5 (OM 5), 50 (OM 50) or 100 (OM 100) μM for up to 48 h, following which: RNA was extracted for CYP1A1 (A) and NQO1 (B) mRNA expression; and whole-cell protein was extracted for immunoblotting using anti-NQO1 or β-actin antibodies (C). Densitometric analyses wherein NQO1 band intensities were quantified and normalized to β-actin (D). Data are representative of at least three independent experiments. Values are presented as means ± SEM (n=3). *, p<0.05 vs. DMSO-treated cells.