Parameters 50mg/kgbw 100mg/kgbw
Day 0 Day 7 Day 14 Day 0 Day 7 Day 14
Platelets (x103/μL) 254.40±9.49a 451.6±16.3b 475.8±30.6b 275.40±9.57a 407.60±4.41b 420±4.52b
Plateletcrit(%) 0.20±0.13a 0.82±0.04b 1.10±0.07b 0.07±0.01a 0.92±0.07b 1.24±0.05c
MPV(fL) 1.90±0.05a 4.60±0.27b 5.42±0.19b 2.22±0.13a 4.18±0.28b 4.56±0.30b
PDW (%) 14.78±0.67a 17.80±0.32b 18.40±0.31b 15.14±0.53a 16.93±0.42a 16.78±0.48a
All values are expressed as mean ± SEM for five animals per group. Values for each parameter are compared among day 0, 7 and 14 for each dose by ANOVA and Tukey’s post hoc test.
Table 3: Effects of methanolic seed extract of S. incanum (Linn) on platelets and their related parameter profiles in normal mice.