Animal Groups (N=5) Treatment Number Of Writhings  % Inhibition
Baseline Aceticacid (20ml/kgbw)  20.2±1.66a -17.44
Negative Control DMSO (30%) 17.2±2.18a 0.00
Positive Control Diclofenac (15mg/kgbw) 2.80±0.97b 83.72
Acetone Extract 50mg/kg bw 3.20±1.16b 81.40
  100mg/kg bw 31.0±2.53c -80.23
Values are expressed as Mean ± SEM Values with the same superscript are not significantly different by ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post hoc test (p>0.05)
Table 2: Antinociceptive properties of C. volkensii (Harms) in Acetic acid-induced pain in mice.