Dialyzer Hollow fiber Housing Construction material sterilization Method of BPA (ppb, n = 4) Average amount of
Asahi medical PSa PBb Gamma-ray N.D.c
ToreTore PS PCd Gamma-ray N.D.
Kawasumi PS PC Autoclavinge 0.2
Terumo PS PC Autoclaving 0.7
apolysulfone: bpolystyrene-butadiene copolymer; no migration of BPA was observed, but migration of styrene monomer (0.2 ppb) was detected; cnot detected; dpolycarbonate. e121.1oC for validated period (normally 15-20 min). Blood of uremia patients (ca 10 mL) was sampled before dialysis and after 4 h of dialysis treatment, to confirm whether or not BPA in the blood was originating from the dialyzer.
Table 1: Materials used in hollow fiber and housing manufacture, method of sterilization, and amount of BPA migrating into the blood of uremia patients.