Amount extracted From PVC bag (n=3)* Amount migrating into plasma (n=3)**
DEHP (mg) 3128.1 ± 179.4 4.0 ± 0.5
MEHP (μg) 130.8 ± 14.3 589.5 ± 101.3
PA (μg) N.D. 9.0 ± 1.2
A flexible PVC bag for medical use (1 g) was cut into small pieces, acidified diethyl ether (100 ml) was added, and the mixture was kept constantly agitated for four days at room temperature. * Amount contained in 15 g of flexible PVC bag for medical use. ** Amount contained in 15L concentrated human platelet plasma. N. D. = not detected.
Table 1: Amounts of PA, MEHP and DEHP extracted with diethyl ether from flexible PVC bags for medical use, and the amounts of these compounds migrating into concentrated human platelet plasma.