Cytotoxic agents IC50 (µg/ml)
Agent 1 LSE Irinotecan Carboplatin
Agent 2      
LSE 119.844 5.146 6.449
Irinotecan 51.463 5.813 -
Carboplatin 114.261 - 18.754
Table 1: The effect of leech saliva extract on the cytotoxic activity of Irinotecan and Carboplatin in SW1271 cell line SW1217 was treated by a serial double dilution of LSE combined with Irinotecan/Carboplatin. Cell viability was determined by CellTiter-Glo® luminescent cell viability assay after 5days of incubation. It was found that LSE enhanced the cytotoxic activity of Carboplatin. Whereas, Irinotecan enhanced the antiproliferative activity of LSE.