Code Requirement Technical specifications
R.1 Integration with Hospital Information System S.1
R.2 Small reading distance between tags and device S.2
R.3 Each patient must be provided with an identification device S.3
R.4 The container of drugs should prevent unauthorized openings S.4
R.5 Tags collision management S.5
R.6 Wearable identification device S.3
R.7 ID device hygienic S.3
R.8 Drugs container sanitisable S.6
R.9 Drugs container must protect drugs from direct lightening S.7
R.10 Drugs temperature must never exceed 30°C S.8
R.11 Water-proof drugs container S.9
R.12 Access to medications must be controllable S.2,S.3,S.4,S.10
R.13 Tracking of every attempt (successful or not) to access drugs S.5,S.11
R.14 ID device not expensive S.3
R.15 Drugs container ergonomic S.12
R.16 Drugs container big enough to contain a whole medication therapy S.19
R.17 Procedure for drugs distribution S.1
R.18 Procedure for drugs administration S.2,S.3,S.10
R.19 Information to patients about the use of the device S.13
R.20 Low power consumption S.20
R.21 Staff must be able to force the device opening in case of emergency S.14
R.22 Emergency openings must be logged S.11
R.23 Easy identification of the association patient-container S.15
R.24 Reprogrammable S.2,S.16
R.25 Faults management S.5
R.26 Verification of the right association between patient and medication S.4,S.5,S.17
R.27 Alarm in case of wrong association between patient and medication S.4,S.5,S.17
R.28 Controlled administration S.18
Table 1: Requirements and corresponding technical specifications.