Code Technical specification Type
S.1 Electronic Patient RecordsĀ  + CPOE + smart cabinets for a global automated management of drugs distribution system Software, electronic
S.2 RFID reader and RFID tag following ISO15693 standard Electronic, technological
S.3 Disposable wristband RFID tag Technological
S.4 Electro-mechanic cover control Electro-mechanic
S.5 Warning system using LED lighting Electronic
S.6 Sanitized container with the possibility of putting disposable bags inside Mechanic
S.7 Semi-transparent container Mechanic
S.8 Screen insulation between the electronics section of the container and drug section Mechanic
S.9 Degree of protection IP47 Mechanic
S.10 Unambiguous association between the container and patient medication Electronic, Firmware
S.11 Internal memory for access logging Electronic
S.12 Cylindrical shape of small dimensions in the central part of the body Mechanic
S.13 Short training course on the use of the device to the medical staff Methodological
S.14 Master key tags Technological
S.15 LCD character display Methodological
S.16 RFID reader with a microprocessor system equipped with a PC interface for manual or automatic programming Software, Technological
S.17 Opening the cover by pressing the release button Electro-mechanic
S.18 Record of device opening and closing on internal memory Software
S.19 Dimensions of the container equal to 8 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height Methodological
S.20 Adequate battery life Electronic
Table 2: Technical specifications.