Variables Non-smoker Tobacco smoker Cannabis smoker  p value
  (n=9) (n=46) (n=25)  
ROS production [(RLU)/sec/106sperm] 123.25(132;136.8)** 144.5(142;153.5)** 161.5(155;163.6)**  
  36.33±3.97 (47.53) 41.82±8.14a (53.32) 51.77±4.61a,b (62.17) p<0.001
% of Sperm DNA damage        
(DFI) 36.81±4.46 45.06±2.80a 52.83±4.67a,b p<0.001
% of Sperm chromatin abnormalities        
  37.93±3.84 42.92±1.98a 52.44±2.87a,b p<0.001
% of Apoptotic Sperm Cells        
** Value s are represented as median (25th; 75th percentile)
Percentages are calculated as Mean ± SD
DFI- DNA Fragmentation Index
ap<0.01 statistically significant compared to non-smoker group.
bp<0.01 statistically significant compared to tobacco addicted group
Table 1: Relative ROS production and percentage of Sperm cell DNA integrity among three groups of patients.