Paranoid Dysphoric Euphoric Amotivational After Effects Psychosis-like After Effects
CBI 0.434 (p<0.001) ns 0.463 (p<0.001) 0.395 (p<0.001)
RTR ns 0.349 (p<0.001) Ns ns
PCE 0.232 (0.021) 0.473 (p<0.001) Ns ns
CPE 0.200 (0.047) 0.233 (0.020) Ns ns
Key: n=99 (cannabis users only). CBI: Cognitive and Behavioural Impairment; RTR: Relaxation and Tension Reduction; SSF: Social and Sexual Facilitation; PCE: Perceptual Cognitive Enhancement; GNE: Global Negative Effects; CPE: Craving and Physical Effects (CPE).
Table 2: The correlations between the MEEQ and the CEQ subscales.