Meaning Units Subcategory (Frequency) Category (Frequency)
At Thursday nights’ gatherings with my friends, I smoked a little for the first time as they suggested. During the first few months it was just for fun, but I gradually it became permanent. Friendly gatherings [4] Environmental factors [22]
I communicated with drug users who asked me to use it as well, and I began using drugs. Communicating with drug users [6]
At age 18, seeing my father and uncle using drugs, and that the atmosphere of home was very friendly at that night, I liked the intimate atmosphere. So out of curiosity for that substance that created that intimacy, I stole some drugs and began using them with my friends. A drug user in the family [5] Family factors [4]
As a student away from family, I began using drug at friendly gatherings. Loneliness and separation from family [3]
At age 18, having a lot of family problems, and an angry father who was very violent, I began using drug to relax my mind for the first time as my cousin, a drug user, suggested. Family problems and disputes [10]
Since I had relations with women, I began using drugs to attract them more and increase my energy and eloquence. Attracting the opposite sex [1] Individual factors [14]
At age 20, having access to lots of money and communicating with rich people who were drug users, I began using drug. Wealth [1]
Being suggested to use drugs to win in competitions, I did so for the first time and won, and then I continued using drugs. Being athlete [1]
Having drug users around me, I began using drugs out of curiosity and then for getting more energy and excitement. Curiosity and receiving energy [5]
Having bad friends and out of youth ignorance, I began using drugs. Youth ignorance [2]
Taking strong painkillers for my back pain, my husband, a drug user, gave me some drugs. Sickness [4]
Becoming tired and napping at work, my friends suggested me to use drugs to eliminate sleepiness. It worked, so I continued using drugs. Having a hard job [4] Social factors [7]
Being unemployed, a relative of mine suggested using drugs and I did so. Unemployment [1]
Under psychological pressure, with no recreation in the country, I began using drugs. Lack of recreation [1]
Spending the military service in Sistan-Baluchestan Province with abundant drugs there, I began using drugs to be lively, euphoric and happy. Convenient access to drugs [1]
Table 1: The themes from quantitative content analysis of factors affecting tendency for drug abuse.