Full Sample (n=67)a In-Depth Reviewers (n=23)a
Professional Role    
Administer or manage wellness programs 22% 26%
Human Resources/Benefits 7% 11%
Provide wellness services directly to clients/staff 13% 11%
Do wellness coaching 13% 11%
Employee Assistance 36% 42%
Student 9% 0%
Background/Interests (percent "agree" or "strongly agree")    
I am familiar with the growing problems of PD 81% 76%
I would like more tools to educate employees 89% 96%
Perception of top concerns of employees b    
Want better education as consumers of PD 34% 44%
Concerned productivity of coworkers who use/misuse 22% 20%
Concerned as parents 18% 16%
Concerned about own personal use 12% 12%
Concerned as children of aging parents 10% 4%
Table 1: Role, background, interests, and perceptions of all respondents. Note: aMissing data in some cases; bRespondents were asked to select one of the five reasons as the most important concern for employee interest in PD. PD = Prescription Drugs