Figure 1: Effects of n-alkanols on GDP/GTPγS exchange from Gαi1 subunit: Gαi1 subunit (His tagged and His tagged clipped) was preloaded with unlabeled GDP as described in Materials and Methods. Samples were diluted into buffer containing [35S] GTPγS and incubated for 15 min at 30°C, a time at which the exchange of nucleotides in the absence of alcohol was approximately 50% complete. N-alkanols at a concentration of 0.05 mM are added to the reaction mixture and the rate reaction was terminated at 30 min with icecold stop buffer. The exchange of GTPγS for GDP was determined by trapping the protein on nitrocellulose filters and counting the radioactivity bound to protein. Values are % of control (Gαi1 subunit incubated without alcohol). Each value is mean + SE of at least three experiments assayed in duplicate. * Significant at p<0.05.