Figure 1: Effect of Simvastatin on LPS-induced IL-2 and TNF-alpha levels. Mice were treated with Simvastatin and LPS as described in Materials and Methods. The inflammatory response was determined be measurement of the cytokines IL-2 and TNF-α. In A Levels of IL-2 were determined 3 hs after treatment with LPS. LPS–induced IL-2 levels were found to be higher in LPS groups than that of LPS+Simvastatin group. In B LPS-induced TNF-α concentration were determined after treatment of mice with simvastatin, LPS, or simvastatin and LPS as described in material and methods. The data is an average of 3 experiments with 8 mice in each group. The differences between control and LPS, and LPS X LPS+ simvastatin were statistically significant (*).