Cardiac dysfunction in patients suffering from cirrhosis characterized by impaired contractile responsiveness to stress and/or altered diastolic relaxation with associated electrophysiological abnormalities in the absence of other known cardiac disease. Diagnostic criteria: Systolic dysfunction
  • Blunted increase in cardiac output with exercise, volume challenge or pharmacological stimuli
  • Resting EF <55%
  Diastolic dysfunction
  • E/A < 1
  • Prolonged deceleration time (> 200 msec)
  • Prolonged isovolumetric relaxation time (< 80 msec)
  Supportive criteria
  • Electrophysiological abnormalities
  • Chronotropic incompetence
  • Electromechanical uncoupling
  • Prolonged QTc interval
  • Enlarged left atrium
  • Increased myocardial mass
  • Increased BNP, pro-BNP
  • Increased Troponin I
Table 1: Working Definition of Cirrhosis-induced Cardiomyopathy.