Comparison  Scales Number of items in scale Outcome Assessed Corresponding Items in PoRI
Oswestry Disability Scale [22] 10 physical functioning and ability to manage everyday life physical functioning items
Patient Assessment of Constipation-Quality of Life (PAC-QOL) [23] 28 the impact of constipation symptoms bowel functioning items
Patient Assessment of Constipation-Symptoms (PAC-SYM)[24] 12 assessing rectal symptoms, stool symptoms, and abdominal discomfort bowel functioning items
Brief Pain Inventory(BPI) [25] 32 chronic non-malignant pain pain items
Opioid Side Effects Checklist [26] 20 symptoms associated with opioid therapy opioid side effect items
Symptom Distress Scale [27]   emotional/psychological symptoms emotional subscale items
Rotterdam Symptom Checklist [28] 23 physical symptom distress, psychological distress, activity level, and overall global life quality activity levels, miscellaneous symptoms, and psychological distress items
Brief Fatigue Inventory[29] 10 fatigue severity physical functioning and general symptom items
Health Status Questionnaire [30] 36 comprehensive health questionnaire overall health state items
Table 1: Comparison measures used to assess domains in the PoRI.