Motivating Factors for Adopting AIMS† Barriers to adoption of AIMS ‡
Improved clinical documentation No clear return of investment
Improved data collection for quality improvement programs High cost of AIMS
Improvement of patient care and safety AIMS not key to/little value for hospital
Improved data collection for research Fear of decreased revenue
Compliance with regulatory authorities Fear of medico-legal exposure
Convenience for anesthesiologist Systems are too complex or cumbersome
*Adapted from Reference 6 which reports results of a survey on the adoption of AIMS by academic Anesthesiology departments in the United States. Reasons are ordered in rank from most to least frequently-cited.
†Reasons for adopting AIMS were those reported by departments who had or were in the process of installing AIMS.
‡Barriers to adoption were those reported by all respondents (AIMS adopters and non-adopters).
Table 4: Reasons cited for and against adopting Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS )*.