Query Inclusion Criteria Criteria applied Number of articles Reference numbers of articles meeting inclusion criteria
(1) Waiting list VAS A: Must report a mean VAS pain score or mean WOMAC pain score, standard deviation, and sample size. None 6 [10 - 14]
A 3 [3,10,11,]
(2)  knee VAS E: Treatment group must receive femoral nerve block, either single-injection or continuous. None 9 [15-23]
E 9 [15-23]
F: Control group must receive intravenous opioids alone. E, F 7 [15-23]
G: Must report mean VAS pain score, standard deviation, and sample size for both treatment and control groups. E, F, G 2 [15, 22]
(3) Waiting list duration H: Must report a mean duration of time spent on waiting list and standard deviation. None 8 [10, 24-30]
H 3 [10, 24, 28]
Table 2: Inclusion criteria and search results.