Figure 1: Alterations in blood lactate and base excess levels in donors and recipients on isoflurane with or without cisatracurium.Graph shows percentage changes in the venous blood lactate levels (A) and Base Excess in ABG’s (B) from baseline in the final samples collected from donors (1-1.25 hours) and the mid-surgery (2-2.5 hrs; 1st of recipient bars) and final samples (5-6 hrs; 2nd of recipient bars) in the recipients during anesthesia using Isoflurane without or with cis-atracurium. (A) In donor-recipients pairs 1 and 2, the average venous lactate levels in final samples were increased from baseline levels by 55.36% and 190.53% respectively. The average mid-surgery lactate levels in recipients 1 and 2 demonstrated 226.68% increase from baseline levels. The donorrecipient pair 3 demonstrated an increase in lactate levels of 54.68% and 94.97% in the final samples and a mid-surgical increase of 52.7% in the recipient 3. (B) In donors-recipients pairs 1 and 2, the base excess in ABG final samples was decreased from baseline levels by an average of 70.53% (taken at 1-1.25 hours of surgery) and 238.19% (5-6 hours after surgery) respectively. The average mid-surgery base excess (2-2.5 hours of surgery) in recipients 1 and 2 was decreased by 178.47% from baseline. The donor and recipient 3, that received cis-atracurium in addition, demonstrated a decrease in base excess of 44.44% and 55.55% in the final samples and a mid-surgical decrease of 66.66% in the recipient 3.