Groups (Mean ± SD) kadar IL-6 serum (pg/ml)  Wilcoxon test
Before Induction ofanesthesia After 2 hours Giving Infusion Changes
Control (n=20) (48.60 ± 30.52)p (55.80 ± 32.95)p Increase¬† (7.20)a p=0.505
Lidocaine (n=20) (43.70 ± 24.72)p (19.60 ± 11.27)q Decrease (24.10)b p=0.000
Superscript not different in same column shows Mann Whitney results not significant different (p>0.05) and if different, shows Mann Whitney significant different (p<0.05).
Table 4: The comparison of IL-6 serum concentration changes between two groups.