Clinical Interest Time Indicator Laryn Resp Pain IVD
Laryngoscopy L 0.99 [0.70 – 1.0] 1.0 [0.98-1.0] 1.0 [1.0-1.0]  
Skin Incision S   0.99 [0.93-1.0] 1.0 [1.0-1.0]  
Emergence E   0.87 [0.25-1] 0.99 [0.91-1.0]  
PACU P   0 [0-0.08] 0.001 [0-0.14] 0.10 [0.01-0.43]
The pharmacodynamic response probability intervals of the variability at clinical points of interest are the median and inter-quartile ranges for the response to laryngoscopy (Laryn), return of responsiveness (Resp), response to moderate pain (Pain), and intolerable ventilatory depression (IVD). The clinical points of interest are the times for induction, skin incision, re-emergence, and post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) arrival. The clinical time points in terms of minutes from the beginning of the 90 minute anesthetic simulation are 2, 15, 95, and 120 respectively. The time indicators for each of the clinical interest points are shown in figure 3. Only the stimuli for relevant points of interest are shown in the table.
Table 5: Median and inter-quartile ranges (in brackets) of the probability of drug effects at clinical time points of interest for selected response surface models as presented in Figure 3.