Technical skills learning objectives
•To use a mental model to help plan airway management.
•List the key causes of serious airway morbidity.
•To practice using the following airway skills on manikins/airway bench models within the context of DAS guidelines:
•Needle cricothyroidotomy&jet ventilator (Manujet)
•Surgical cricothyroidotomy
•Video laryngoscopy using the Airtraq& C-Trach
•Low skill fibreoptic intubation using the Aintree intubation catheter
Non-technical skills learning objectives
•To identify unhelpful thought processes and behaviours associated with poor performance under stress.
•To define non-technical and non-clinical skills
•To relate non-clinical skills to clinical skill and knowledge
•To identify the major Human Factors issues
•To correlate risk and performance
•To establish a basic appreciation of team skills
•To explore three fundamental non-clinical themes:
•Sense making
•Decision making
•Effective professional communication
•To consider how to choose behaviour¬†
Table 2: Human Factors in Airway Management learning objectives.