Time Events
0 Meet with local experts at host institution
1 month Select several international partner institutions to contact
3 months Determine final choice for partner institution based on ABROAD** considerations
5 months Send champion from home institution to international location to explore opportunity
6 to 12 months Create proposal, goals and objectives, and letter of agreement
13 months Obtain GME approval for rotation
14 months Submit rotation request to ACGME***
20 to 22 months Receive response from ACGME
24 months Begin to solicit applications from residents and funding support; work on securing housing options for participants
26 to 30 months First resident begins exchange at international program
* Note: Only valid for U.S.-based training programs
**ABROAD: A: Access; B: Basic Safety; R: Relationship; O: Overall Population; A: Ailments; D: Dialect/language
***ACGME: Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
Table 1: Timeline of Events*.