Summary of the metabolomics analysis for the asphyxia condition
Approach (Un targeted/Targeted) Analytical techniques Animal/Human sampling Biofluid Key metabolic pathways Reference
Targeted Spectrophotometry
Human (Newborns) Blood Production of oxidative stress biomarkers, and significantly higher value of cTnT and NAG . Vento et al. [20]
Targeted ESI MS/MS
Plasma The metabolites key components of Krebs cycle metabolism, glycine and amino acid metabolisms. Solberg et al. [21]
Untargeted NMR/MVA Animal
Urine Resuscitation with lower oxygen concentration was associated with cellular homeostasis, maintenance, and carbohydrates metabolisms.
Higher oxygen concentration was characterized by ROS production.
Fanos et al. [22]
Table 1: A schematic representation of metabolomics workflow applied to asphyxia samples.