Authors Patients (age) Surgery involved Outcomes measured
Cho et al. [34] 90 adults (20-70) Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation  Ramsay sedation scores;
Bispectral index scores;
Haemodynamics; Pain scores; satisfaction levels
Aydogan et al. [37] 42 children
scoliosis Efficacy of sedation by RASS; Pain relief by NVAS; Delirium by Confusion Assessment Method; Fentanyl consumption; Hemodynamics
Sheta et al. [40] 82 children (3-6) dental rehabilitation 4-point sedation scale; mask acceptance; hemodynamics
Akin et al.[41] 90 children (2-9) adenotosillectomy Observer Assessment of Alertness and Sedation Scale; satisfactory mask induction; hemodynamics; separation with parents.
Table 1: Summary of the studies used for meta-analysis.