Responses     Mean(SD)
Patients age(years) 63.3(±8.98)
Prostate volume(cm3) 109.5(±46.1)
PSA(ng/ml) 39.6(±45.6)
Biopsy cores 12.6(±0.8)
Duration of biopsy(mins) 35.6(±5.8)
Pain score(VAS) 0.0(±0.2)
Level of cooperativeness 100% very cooperative.
Willingness to have a repeat biopsy 100%
Complication rate(prostate biopsy related) a)No complications-35%
b) Complications-65%
Mean Systolic Blood pressure change(mmHg) 8.6(±5.4)
Attempts at Lumbar Puncture a)Physician anesthetist 1.6(±0.81).Range 1-3
b)Nurse anesthetist 1.9(±0.85).Range 1-3. P=0.106
Table 1: Patient demographics and outcome parameters in 120 patients administered low dose SSBA.