Parameter 0 1 2
Level of consciousness /analgesia Unresponsive or responsive only to painful stimuli Respond to verbal stimuli but fall asleep readily Awake & oriented or equivalent to preoperative status
Circulation SBP<100 mm Hg SBP>100 mm Hg SBP within normal limits for patient
Respiration Apneic Shallow, irregular breathing Able to breathe deeply or equivalent to preoperative status.
O2 saturation SpO2 ≤ 92% on oxygen. SpO2 ≥ 92% on oxygen. SpO2 ≥ 92% on room air or equivalent to preoperative status
Activity level Unable to lift head or move extremities voluntarily or on command. Lifts head or moves extremities on command Lifts head and moves all extremities spontaneously. Is able to ambulate consistent with surgical procedure or equivalent to preoperative
Recovery criteria: minimum score of 8 in criteria 1-5, with a minimum of 2 in respiratory and O2 saturation.
SBP: Systolic Blood Pressure
Table 1: Modified aldrete scale [13].